New York's Premier 60's Garage Band...
In the early 60's a band from Plattsburgh, New York became one of the best
known garage bands in the northeast.  They recorded three remarkable
records that even today are being distributed all over the world.
This is the story of the little band that could, and damn near did...
The Twiliters.
The original line up early 1963. John Drury on Gretsch
guitar, Mike Provost on bass, a 15 year old Skip
Bushy on drums and Bill Kennedy on lead.
1964 Photo...Tommy LaTour Bass, Bruce Danville guitar, Skip Bushey drums, Bill Kennedy guitar.
Rollerland, a skating rink in Plattsburgh
quickly becomes home base for the
band along with other area bands such
as the Monterays and  Mike and the
The Twiliters in action at High Schools all over upstate NY and Vermont. Tommy Latour is shown on
bass above taking Mike Provost place. Mike joined the Army and did three tours in Viet Nam.
Above, one of many area appearances on local
TV shows. This one at WPTZ inPlattsburgh.
Second Generation. John Sullivan
replaces John Drury. Tommy LaTour is
firmly in place on bass. This is the band
that records Rollerland and Shakin all

Along the side of this page are the singles recorded by The Twiliters
on Empire Records owned by Peter B. Giubord, a local businessman
and radio personality. Guibord was also manager and booking agent
for the band at that time. All were recorded at Rollerland by Roy
Urbanis. Our third release on Venture Records was recorded at
Rondack Studios in Plattsburgh, NY and produced by Ben Everest.
The other vinyls and CD's shown are boot-leg compilation albums from
companies all over the world. Actually there are more from the far east
that aren't shown. This makes the Twiliters the most "Boot-legged"
Garage Band in history....