The Twiliters
Final version of the Twiliters.
Tommy LaTour joins the Marines
and serves proudly in Viet Nam.
Bill Kennedy switches to bass.
Billy Pajonas who has been with
the band for a few months now
takes up lead and keyboard. Skip
Bushey on drums. The band
plays as a trio off and on until
1967 when Skip retires. The band
then becomes A.C Apple with the
addition of John Champagne on
guitar and David Curtain on
Right; For a while Mike Berry joins the group
as lead. Mike played "straight" tuning which
allowed for some interesting arrangements.
Right; Cover of Rockabilly magazine
distributed in the UK featuring the Twiliters.
Dedicated to the memory of Thomas "Tommy" M. LaTour
Born April 12, 1946    Died January 12, 2008
Friend, Bandmate, Father, Brother, Son, Marine
Bruce Danville has a great band up in Northern NY. Check out
their web site.
Rockabilly Hall of Fame
Uncle Bill
My Space Page
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It's been nearly fifty years since the Twiliters began to practice in Skips Dads garage. We learned every
Beachboy song that was. Over the years and through many changes we remained consistently the band to
look up to. Always great music, always a good time. While we never made it rich or famous, what we did
do was create wonderful memories, great war stories and lots of fans and friends along the way. We have
a lot to be proud of.
If anyone would have told me way back when that today our music would be distributed all over the world
by many record companies. Played on radio stations and the Web from all over and called the first great
"punk" band, I would have never believed it. Being called a punk back in the 60's would have got you
punched. Now, I feel honored. To be placed in the same level as the Ramones or the MC5 is quiet a feat.
Justified or not.
Maybe fifty years from now someone will play Rollerland and say "Wow," who the hell were these guys? It
was just a little band from Plattsburgh, who damn near did it...The Twiliters.    
Bill Kennedy
Should you have any questions or comments or
information or pictures you would like to share,
please Email Bill Kennedy at
The Twiliters in 67 at the Saxony Hotel in
Rouses Point. The "Sax" was one of the most
popular live music venues of the era in the North
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